New Trial Date : May 4-9, 2020

This just in: We were a little surprised when over 3 years after the action, the prosecution was granted more time to prepare for a climate necessity defense, but we now have a new trial date for May 4-9, 2020.   The "right to a speedy trial" clock has been reset to June 3rd, but we fervently hope to see an actual climate necessity defense in Mount Vernon the week of May 4th.  The details are still the same, see them here in this letter from Ken.


On February 3, the court granted the Prosecution’s motion to delay the proceedings. The new trial date will depend on the availability of expert witnesses and attorneys, and is likely to be later this spring. 

Letter from Ken -- The trial we've been waiting for

Friends, we're only a month away from the trial I've been waiting for: my full climate necessity defense trial for the Shut it Down/Valve Turners action.

What: After winning a unanimous decision in WA Appeals Court, overturning my conviction on burglary (which followed a trial with a hung jury), Skagit County, WA prosecutor Rich Weyrich is trying me a third time, personally, with Superior Court Judge Laura Riquelme presiding. 

here: Skagit Superior Court, Mt Vernon, WA.   
When: May 4-9, 2020 (updated after date change in response to prosecution request for more time to prepare)
How you can helpWe'd really appreciate support in the courtroom. As at past trialswe ask that folks be respectful and attend as individuals, and without banners, red shirts, etc.; it's important for us to be seen as taking the legal process seriously.  We have a carpool sign up where you can offer or ask for a ride. Here's a Facebook event.

We also need to raise another $8-10k to cover experts' expenses, and other trial costs. 

Defense: Lauren Regan, Cooper Brinson (CLDC), Ralph Hurwitz, and Alice Cherry, Kelsey Skaggs (Climate Defense Project), are preparing the climate necessity defense granted by the Appeals Court ruling, and we'll announce our list of expert witnesses shortly!

Please forward this to anyone who might be interested. Thanks for your help!

Ken Ward

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