Annette, Emily, and Ben

Annette Klapstein, Emily Johnston, and support person Ben Joldersma will argue the necessity defense October 8th- 11th in Bagley, MN. RSVP to receive trial updates here.


"There was a call for International Days of Prayer and Action with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe this week - this is my prayer and this is my action.  My life is only marginally affected by climate change right now, but there are mothers and children around the world in frontline communities - mostly low-income communities of color - who are being drastically affected right now. This is my act of solidarity." - Annette Klapstein


"I’ve said enough about why I’m doing this: it needs to be done. I feel incredibly privileged to be alive in this moment, when so much is still so beautiful, and there’s still a chance to save it. But for years (decades, for some people) we’ve tried the legal, incremental, reasonable methods, and they haven’t been anything like enough; without a radical shift in our relationship to this Earth, all that we love will disappear. My fear of that possibility is far greater than my fear of jail. My love for the beauties of this world is far greater than my love of an easy life. If others feel the same way, there’s hope for us yet." - Emily Johnston


"Tahlequah carried her dead daughter for 17 days because we have taken all the salmon in the Salish sea. If oil companies and the Canadian government have their way, the 75 remaining orca whales could well die in toxic waters from tar sands tankers.

Supporting Emily and Annette in the Shut It Down action is an act of love for my children, is an act of hope that we can raise awareness of the incredible harm tar sands oil causes to the life of the Salish sea, to the First Nations people in the Athabasca basin, and to our Earth. Shutting off these pipelines in the face of the seemingly limitless power of the fossil fuel complex shows my children and many others that we are the force more powerful. That as the governments of the world bow and scrape to Big Oil, there is no one left but us, and we must reckon with that truth if we're going to have any hope of stopping the worst that's ahead." - Ben Joldersma

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