Valve Turner Interview with Mass Extinction Scientist, Dr. Ward

 Facebook Livestream this Saturday, 11am PST - Sept 16th 
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Paleontologist, Professor Peter Ward meets the Valve Turners Saturday, September 16th - 11am for deep conversation on how scientists and activists can communicate the existential necessity of climate action, in both word and deed.

Professor Ward has long communicated how Earth's five major mass extinctions offer a frightening window into the future we ourselves might catalyze. His standing within the scientific community comes from his skill in finding and interpreting what the fossils say about the horror of each environmental cataclysm. His gifts and energy for outreach — for communicating to the public the stark relevance of the science — is top tier.

As valve turner Leonard Higgins has said from the get-go, "If we want people to understand that this is an emergency, then we have to act like it is an emergency." By turning the emergency shut-down valve of the tar sands pipeline transiting Montana, Leonard powerfully communicated by deed.

Dr. Ward, Emily Johnston, Leonard Higgins, and Annette Klapstein will be joining you live from a living room in Seattle, Ken Ward will be videoing in from the Eagle Creek Fire, and Michael Foster from North Dakota where he is preparing for his October 2nd  trial. It's sure to be an intellectually rousing exchange.

Peter Ward was featured in the PBS Evolution series (2001) and has appeared on NOVA scienceNOW. He was also one of the scientists on Animal Planet's Animal Armageddon (2009). According to Ward's 2007 book, Under a Green Sky: Global Warming, the Mass Extinctions of the Past, and What They Can Tell Us About Our Future, all but one of the major mass extinction events in history have been brought on by climate change.

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