Preparation and Press

We are all in Minnesota preparing for the climate necessity trial beginning next Monday, October 8th. It’s been a profound honor to be welcomed by robust communities of Minnesota fossil fuel resisters - from Minneapolis-St. Paul, to White Earth Reservation, to Duluth. We’ve met with legendary activists, screened the Reluctant Radical, toured sustainable farms, and even ridden a few horses. And this feeling of bustle and solidarity is experienced amidst the autumn setting of changing leaves, first frosts, and so many fields of drying sunflowers bent to the earth in their late season exhaustion.


You can share the Valve Turner story and updates throughout trial. It’s through our mutual voices giving word to our friends and communities that we continue to magnify the impact of the Valve Turner action and the historic occasion of the necessity defense.

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Wen Stephenson at the Nation goes deep with the climate necessity defense with great quotes from Annette; see the defendants on the cover of Common Dreams; and don’t miss this great piece from the Eugene Weekly, or this one from KUOW.

Trial Support

If you plan to attend trial, we implore you to read and strictly follow the Courtroom Decorum. We have a judge who has made it clear that decorum is very important in the courtroom and we need to respect the rules so that we have the best chance to win our case. In Bagley we plan to conduct ourselves with the utmost respect, and take care not to overwhelm the community. Keep updated on trial schedule and evening events throughout the week on our website.


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