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It’s been three weeks since five brave valve-turners shut down the tar sands oil flowing into the United States, and 11 people--valve-turners, supporters and documentarians--are being charged with a multitude of felonies and misdemeanors from Assembling Saboteurs to Conspiracy to Tamper or Damage a Public Service.

But these folks are not rolling over or giving over to fear. The valve-turners are preparing to argue that these actions are critically necessary, and are ready to defend what they have done.

Court dates are coming up on a rolling basis. And we’re facing more expenses than expected: we are having to pay substantial fees to hire lawyers. In North Dakota alone this will cost $35,000.

Can you donate today to help pay all the legal expenses? 

In addition to the 10 arrested during the action itself, Steve Liptay, a documentarian covering the action in Minnesota, received charges in the mail a week and a half ago. He is due in court today.

Michael, Sam and Deia - arrested in North Dakota - are scheduled in court on November 7th. Your support will make sure that they are adequately defended, and that their stories of valiant action in the face of climate cataclysm will be shared across the country and around the world.

Many of you said that you were interested in taking action, and others told us you were ready to help raise money to support this work. We’ll be getting back in touch with you over the coming weeks to follow up.

Thanks you so much for your support.

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