MN #Climate Trial Oct 8th -11th

On October 11th - two years to the day from the Shut It Down action in 2016 - Emily, Annette, and Ben will await a verdict from a jury of their peers, in their historic necessity defense trial. Expert witnesses from across the country will come to Bagley, Minnesota to testify to the urgency of the climate crisis, the failure of the legislative process to address it, and the necessity of civil disobedience in the defense of life on Earth. We all know that it’s an extraordinary privilege to be part of a trial that brings such stakes to a courtroom, and we feel both the weight and the joy of that. We’re giving it everything we’ve got.

We need your support to make this trial happen. Expert witnesses, lawyers, and defendants all need travel expenses. Please donate to the Valve Turner fund to cover the costs of this historic #ClimateTrial. Please also share our updates on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re able to come and show your support at the Courthouse during the trial, please RSVP and we’ll send out details on travel, lodging, and courtroom logistics.

Stay tuned for Valve Turner events in Minneapolis the week of October 1st, and in Bemidji the week of the trial. We’ll have updates soon!

Here’s an action recap.

Love, Nicky

PS We’re happy to announce that filmmaker Steve Liptay’s trespassing charge has been dropped.



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