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Dear Climate Direct Action Supporters!

Below you will find detail about how to plug in, travel, and support the Valve Turner trial taking place in Bagley, MN from October 8th to the 11th.

Whether or not you intend to be there, we’re grateful for your support. Many of you have expressed hope to attend the trial, but if the specifics do not work for you after all, take heart. As important as it is to show the court of Clearwater County that the Valve Turners stand with the strength of a people’s movement behind them, we don’t aim to overwhelm the town in a way that is antagonistic to the court. We come with our hands open and with the knowledge that it's an extraordinary privilege to be able to argue the climate necessity defense.

Ways to Support

  • Tell all the people. Share the FB Event. Email the RSVP to people who want to attend.
  • Particularly if you live nearby, come and support the Valve Turners at trial. Below you’ll find details about recommended places to lodge, and info for those travelling from afar.
  • Donate to the legal fund. There are a lot of costs in arranging for expert witnesses, defendants, and folks on the legal team to travel. All your donations go to support the operations costs of the trial and the legal work of our heroic attorneys Tim Phillips, Lauren Regan of the Civil Liberties Defense Center, and Kelsey Skaggs of the Climate Defense Project.


Train: take the Empire Builder to Detroit Lakes, MN and take a Greyhound bus to Bemidji, MN. You can rent a car in Bemidji or pile into carpools that can be arranged here.

Bus: Greyhound Bus service goes to both Bagley and Bemidji, MN

Car: Sign up to carpool from Washington and Oregon. Or from Minneapolis for the week, or just for a day that works with your work schedule. Offer to drive or join a daily carpool from a Bemidji hotel to the courthouse in Bagley. We’ve got folks coming and going from a bunch of places intrastate and interstate. Let’s pile up! You can detail where you’ll be coming from and when on the carpool sign up.

Air: Bemidji Airport (BJI) is just thirty minutes from Bagley. The Grand Forks (GFK) and Fargo (FAR) Airports in North Dakota are 1.5 - 2 hours from Bagley. Minneapolis- St Paul Airport (MNP) is 3.75 hours from Bagley, and a lot less costly. A carpool arrangement or a bus from Minneapolis to Bemidji a more affordable option.

Rental Cars: If you are taking the train or Greyhound to Northern Minnesota but think best to have a rental car to get around once there, you’ll want to rent one at the airport in Bemidji.

LODGING Bagley and Bemidji Map

The defendants and the legal team have booked out the limited space available in Bagley, MN. Supporters, press, and others are staying nearby in Bemidji.

Recommended: The Super 8 is in Bemidji just twenty minutes from the courthouse in Bagley. Call (218) 308-9046 by October 1st to reserve a room at a reduced group rate. The rooms are blocked out under the name “Climate Direct Action.” Sign up for a daily carpool to the courthouse.

Other Options: There are a few cabins at Ruttger’s Lodge. Check out AirBNB options in the area. And find a slew of other options at varying price points in Bemidji.

*if you have ideas to add to this list, please share!


  • Are you available to ferry folx to and from the airport in MSP, from the airport in Bemidji? To and from Bagley? Run an errand for the legal team? We will need some drivers dedicated to getting key people where they need to be. Email [email protected] to volunteer.
  • If you need talking through options, please don’t hesitate to call or email Nicky Bradford (206-380-2265) or email [email protected]

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