Michael is Home!

Michael Foster was greeted at the Greyhound station by his community at midnight -- joyful people, flowers, and hugs abounding. The crowd scooted off to a late night diner where the waitstaff commented they’d never taken so many vegan burger orders. Michael had a chance to share stories and reflections before heading home with sweetie Sue at nearly 3am.

“Six months, went by like nothing. Somebody just got released last month after 43 years of being unjustly imprisoned after a police raid, I think it was Philadelphia, in the 70s. And I got to sit in a retreat center for 6 months. So I feel like the luckiest guy on earth - and I don’t plan on going back, unless it’s for a really good cause. And I’m really really really really glad to see people I really love and people who want to make a difference in the world. Because the city and complicated life, all this stuff, and the pollution and the crap we have to do everyday, I didn’t miss any of that… And I’m really not looking forward to being part of it again. I’m gonna try really hard not to be part of that.”

This month we’ve seen record breaking temperatures across the globe, Algeria, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. Fire hellscapes abound, California, Greece, and even the Arctic, with a hundred deaths and counting. And in more bad news, it’s reported that by the end of the century, the North China plain, home to 400 million people, will be uninhabitable. But, the question is not just when life will be unbearable but for whom it is already so -- in this dire time when children are being stripped from their parents and all civil liberties are under attack, we are being given a preview of what more is to come under climate change.

It’s ever more apparent that our disruptive actions are completely necessary, if not restrained. We hope to have a date for the Minnesota trial next week. And we hope that the potential jurists in Minnesota are also taking note of the global climate catastrophe, as the impacts of shifting weather patterns very noticeably settle into Northern Minnesota.

We’ll keep you posted on a trial date. We still need funds to offset the travel of expert witnesses, legal fees, and the ongoing legal costs for Michael Foster, Leonard Higgins, and Ken Ward’s appeals.

If you’re in Seattle and would like to bring Michael Foster a welcome home meal and have a visit, email [email protected]

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