Michael Foster, Pre-Trial Hearing update

Michael Foster appeared Monday, Sept 11th in Cavalier, ND for his pre-trial hearing after making his way from Seattle, WA by both train and bike. Biggest news is that the State's Assistant to the Attorney General, Jonathon Byers is stepping in to aid Pembina County Prosecutor for the trial, October 2, 2017. Today it became clear that the prosecution is very motivated to keep Michael from speaking about **Why** he was compelled to shut down the Keystone Pipeline on October 11, 2016. 

Curiously, the state successfully submitted Michael's interview with journalist Christopher Hagen, "Bolt Cutters and Chrysanthemums" in the state's alternative paper, the High Plans Reader as evidence. 

Michael will spend the next three weeks before trial preparing in North Dakota. If you know of speaking opportunities with local communities, schools, and churches in the Grand Forks and Bismark areas, please send fb message or email [email protected]

Support needed for legal fees.

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