What is Michael Foster up to this week at MRCC Missouri River Correctional Center

Friday, April 20 - Michael rode 6.64 miles in 20 minutes in the Great American Bike Race 2018 Bismarck, a fundraiser for kids with cerebral palsy. He and 5 other inmates, calling their team The Untouchables, road their stationary bikes during the race and raised $155.

Thanks for donations Rick Foster, Ed Hirsch, Brenna Taylor, Bogdana Manole, Nancy Norman!

Sunday, April 22 Earth Day, The Warden has ok’d for Michael's request to give a presentation to inmates called Earth Day 48. Although Michael needed to provide an outline of his presentation, with no time limit and a “captive audience”, it could be a L O N G presentation!

Monday, April 23 – The Warden ok’d Michael’s request for meditation time. Starting Monday, there will be space in a classroom every morning from 7am-8am for silent prayer and meditation.

Friday, April 27, Arbor Day – The Warden has ok’d Michael’s request to plant trees on the MRCC grounds. The Warden is in the process of purchasing trees, talking about creating quiet spaces for inmates to sit under trees.

Last Month: Michael got a job! He now works, everyday – no days off, 1-3pm as part-time librarian at MRCC for $2.00 day. The extra money on his commissary card comes in handy for his favorite weekly purchase of chips and salsa, writing paper, envelopes, stamps. The library has a small assortment of books, so Michael put the call out to friends who want to send him books that he can donate to the library. Books, old or used, must come directly from a bookseller with bookseller return address.

This is a link to Sue Lenander's friend Debbie Lame Sporich’s bookstore in Dillon, MT called The Bookstore http://www.dillonbookstore.com/about_us.html

Requests Michael is waiting on:

1. MRCC used to have a vegetable garden, then due to a watering system problem they stopped three years ago. Michael has been talking up the garden and the Warden is considering having a vegetable garden this year…. keep your fingers crossed!

2. Michael is considering putting in a request for a chicken coup. Chickens make good friends.

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