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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Amy Goodman & Denis Moynihan, Democracy Now! "Putting Their Bodies on the (Pipe)line

"Perhaps leadership from the top has been lacking. But from a small boat bobbing in the ocean to the growing resistance camps in North Dakota, the climate movement is on the rise."


Nia Williams & Laila Kearney, Reuters, "Daring U.S. Pipeline Sabotage Spawned by Lobster Boat Coal Protest"

"Pipeline sabotage by environmental activists that shook the North American energy industry this week had its roots in a 2013 protest off Massachusetts, when two men in a 32-foot lobster boat blocked a 40,000-ton coal shipment to a power station."


Josh Fox, EcoWatch, "Award-Winning Filmmaker Arrested Documenting Pipeline Protest"

"The action was conducted by Climate Direct Action, but Deia was not part of the group and did not participate in the action, only filmed it. Her film footage was confiscated and she is currently being held in jail."


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Democracy Now! "Climate Direct Action: Activists Halt Flow of Tar Sands Oil by Shutting Off Valves of Five Pipelines" 10.12.16 

Interview with Jay O'Hara of Climate Disobedience Center and Afrin Sopariwala, member of Climate Direct Action


Amy Dalrymple, Grand Forks Herald "9 Arrested As Activists Declare Solidarity With Dakota Access Opponents" 10.12.16

"The TransCanada pipeline was inactive for more than seven hours but the preliminary reports indicate there is no threat to the health and safety of local residents, Bialas said."


Catherine Ngai & Nia Williams, Reuters, "Canada-U.S. Pipelines Resume Operations After Activists Halt Flow" 10.12.16

"Companies operating the pipelines, which pump around 15 percent of U.S. oil consumption, shut down their lines for between five and seven hours as a safety measure before the restart, according to Reuters estimates and company representatives."


Fortune "Here's How Easily It Is to Sabotage America's Energy Grid" 10.12.16

"On Tuesday, climate activists broke through fences and cut locks and chains simultaneously in several states and simply turned the pipelines off. All they had to do was twist shut giant valves on five cross-border pipelines that together can send 2.8 million barrels a day of crude to the United States from Canada – equal to about 15 percent of daily U.S. consumption."


Ryan Donovan, Investopedia, "Activists Shut Down Five Canada-US Pipelines (KMI)" 10.12.16

"The Trans Mountain pipeline was brought back online hours after the shutdown, but Kinder Morgan stock dropped $0.60, closing at $20.82 per share on Tuesday, Oct. 11."

Deirdre Fulton, Common Dreams "Ten Activists Arrested for Helping Shut Down US-Canada Tar Sands Pipelines" 10.12.16

"According to Climate Direct Action, the group coordinating the shut-down, not only were the five activists who manually turned off the pipelines taken into custody, but also five support team members and videographers."


Nia Williams, Reuters "Activists Disrupt Key Canada-U.S. Pipelines" 10.12.16

"Climate-change activists on Tuesday disrupted the flow of millions of barrels of crude from Canada to the United States in rare, coordinated action that targeted several key pipelines simultaneously."


Devin Henry, The Hill "WH: Federal Officials Investigating Pipeline Shutdowns" 10.12.16

"The White House on Wednesday said federal agencies are investing the actions of climate activists who this week broke into pipeline compounds and briefly shut off the flow of oil."


Mike Hughlett, Star Tribune "Protest Results in Temporary Shutdown of Enbridge Pipelines in Northern Minnesota" 10.12.16


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Meenal Vamburkar, Bloomberg Markets, "Activists' Tampering Shuts Down Five Canada-US Pipelines" 10.11.16 

"Activists... temporarily shut five pipelines able to carry more than 2 million barrels a day of Canadian crude into the U.S."


Alessandra Potenza, The Verge, "Activists Claim They've Shut Down All the Pipelines Carrying Crude Oil from Canada to US" 10.11.16

Lauren McCauley, CommonDreams "'This is My Act of Love': Climate Activists Shut Down All US-Canada Tar Sands Pipelines" 10.11.16

Nia Williams, Reuters, "Activists Arrested After 5 Canada-US Pipelines Reportedly Shut Down" 10.11.16

Timothy Carna, The Hill, "Activist Shut Down Cross-Border Oil Pipelines" 10.11.16

Alejandro Davila Fragoso "Activists Just Disrupted Canada's Tar Sands Pipelines into the United States" 10.11.16

Sydney Brownstone, The Stranger, "Seattle Activists Arrested After Joining Attempt to Shut Down Four Tar Sands Pipelines" 10.11.16

Tsvetana Paraskova, "Activists Shut Down Five Canada-US Oil Sands Pipelines" 10.11.16

John Meyers, Duluth News Tribute, "Enbridge Oil Pipelines in Minnesota Among Five Targeted by Environmental Activists" 10.11.16

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