Ken trial update: mistrial on the charge of Sabotage, Guilty of Burglary

Supporters convened at Skagit County Courthouse at 9am Wednesday morning to wait. A little after eleven the attorneys were alerted that the jurors were deadlocked on the count of Criminal Sabotage but had a decsion on the other charge. From there, things moved quickly. Ken and supporters convened in the courtroom and the jurors were brought out.

“Is there a reasonable chance that you could reach a verdict on sabotage within a reasonable amount of time?”

“I don’t think so.”

So the judge declared mistrial on the charge of Criminal Sabotage and then prompted the court reporter to read the verdict for the charge of Burglary, second degree: “Guilty.” While we hoped that this jury would recognize the extraordinary power that they had to declare mistrial, this conviction was welcomed as a good outcome. Ken expressed relief that this part is, at last, over and now he can move on to appeal.



The attorneys adjourned to interview the jury - all of whom reported unanimous sympathy for Ken as well as appreciating the two day education on climate catastrophe. One juror said, “She would do it all over again, starting now.” and that the substance of the trial made her completely rethink her position on climate change.

Sentencing is scheduled for June 22 at 9am at Skagit Superior Court. Supporters are welcome.

Now on the other side of this first trial, please know that your steady care and support made these two trials full experiences that affirmed the strength of our community, a community of people who stand together and act unanimously for climate justice. 

We are now looking forward to Leonard Higgins trial in Montana July 18th, and also to Michael Foster in North Dakota, October 2nd. Still waiting on a trial date in Minnesota for Emily and Annette.

Much love and solidarity,

Nicky and Alice

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