Climate Direct Action is dedicated to acting with moral clarity in light of the grave danger of runaway climate change.

Shut it Down Recap

On October 11th, 2016, 5 people shut down all tar sands oil into the United States...







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The valve turners have deep and interesting thoughts on what is  happening to our world, and the need to do every last thing we can to save as much as we can. Increasingly this means understanding that now is NOT the time to give up hope. Now is the time to act.


Minnesota trial!

At last.  On October 8-10, Annette, Emily, and Ben will have their days in court.  This is the only valve turner trial where the necessity defense has been allowed, with expert witnesses testifying as to why direct action in the face of climate catastrophe is not only right, but also legal.  All about the Minnesota story, Necessity Defense, and how to follow the trial as it unfolds.






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Reluctant Radical

Feature film following the thinking and actions of valve turner Ken Ward, features the Shut It Down action as well as many familiar faces from Seattle and the PNW climate community.

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The valve turners on film, long and short, action and reflection.



[insert real quote] With a lack of moral backbone from our politicians, we need to act with moral clarity

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