Filmmaker Deia Schlosberg's Prosecution Suspended


The state of North Dakota has suspended prosecution of Emmy-award winning filmmaker Deia Schlosberg who was arrested while documenting the tar sands valve turning action at TransCanada's Keystone pipeline on October 11. Deia's latest film, with Josh Fox, is "HOW TO LET OF THE WORLD AND LOVE ALL THE THINGS CLIMATE CAN’T CHANGE". Below is her statement following the suspension of prosecution. -Jay

I would like to extend my deepest thanks to everyone that supported me and my fellow filmmakers and journalists since our arrests on October 11th for covering the #ShutItDown action. The number of people that have reached out to me, signed the petitions, shared our story, and contributed to legal funds have certainly fortified my faith in humanity after a rather trying time.

I do have an update that I'd like to share: my prosecution has been officially suspended by the state of North Dakota. Which is to say, the State acknowledged that I am an established filmmaker and that no public interest would be served by continuing the prosecution.

There are still certainly many questions about press freedom that need to be addressed, particularly in light of the recent election, but I'm thankful that in my case the state of North Dakota has recognized that simply doing my job should not be criminalized.

I look forward to turning my attention back to telling the story of the action itself, which, in solidarity with those at Standing Rock, seeks to bring light to the climate emergency and resulting humanitarian crisis that's already occurring.

Thank you all once again. I'm humbled by your generosity and support. I look forward to continuing my work of sharing stories of the brave people risking everything to help everyone.

I'd especially like to thank a few people that went above and beyond, with untold impact on the positive outcome of my situation. First of all, Josh Fox, for sharing my story far and wide and rallying the support of several acclaimed actors and musicians, notably: Neil Young, Daryl Hannah, Susan Sarandon, Frances Fisher, Mark Ruffalo, Dick Van Dyke, Shailene Woodley, James Cromwell, Ed Begley Jr., and many other compassionate souls, including Seven McDonald, who spoke out on my behalf. I am indebted to The Committee to Protect Journalists, Reporters Committee on Freedom of the Press, Reporters Without Borders, as well as the International Documentary Association and Sundance for issuing powerful statements supporting me and my civil rights as a journalist and documentarian. The International Wow Company team, in particular Kyle Cadotte, along with my fiancé, Conrad Yaney, and my parents, Marshall and Elizabeth Schlosberg have been my anchors throughout. And lastly, but certainly not least, my stellar legal team, Robert Woods and Ron Kuby, for whom I will be especially grateful for the rest of my life.

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