Support Those Who Take Bold Climate Action

Michael Foster was sentenced to one year in prison for shutting down the Keystone pipeline. He and the Valve Turners embarked on a coordinated action after coming to the realization that absolutely no one in power, not those claiming to address climate change, is acting with the urgency necessary to confront the climate emergency we all find ourselves in.

Michael and his comrades took these steps, knowing the consequences, not just out of frustration, but also out of necessity. In these times, these brave women and men are much needed examples of boldness in the face of climate cataclysm and a fossil fueled administration. We still need your help to pay for ongoing jail support and legal fees. Please DONATE TODAY

By check: Please make payable to "Climate Direct Action" and mail to 6226 6th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107. Donations to the legal fund are not tax-deductible.