Courtroom Decorum

We have a judge who has made it clear that decorum is very important in the courtroom and we want to respect the rules while we're in the court so that we have he best chance to win our case. So please, both inside and outside of the courtroom and courthouse, please do not bring or wear t-shirts or other signage with messaging. And please take the time to read the below. We really want to win this case and think it could make a big difference in setting precedent for other people who want to resist fossil fuel infrastructure. We want the best chance of being able to do that, and that means following the rules of the court.

  • No clothing with political slogans or symbols. Sober and respectful demeanor and attire - No message T-shirts, buttons, signs, etc.  No matter how peaceful the image, if you could refrain from wearing clothing with messaging, that is the defendants’ request.
  • No signs or banners in or out of the courthouse - these would be confiscated in court, and do not convey the kind of respect for the proceedings that we hope to convey.
  • No political discussions in or around the courtroom. And please refrain from discussing the case in public, in town, which is very small.
  • NO PHONES, CAMERAS, or LAPTOPS: All bags are searched upon entering the third floor, and if you have any of these devices with you, you will be turned away from the courtroom. Recordings of any kind are not allowed and will get us kicked out or worse. All electronic devices must be left elsewhere.
  • NO EXPRESSIONS OF AGREEMENT OR DISAGREEMENT with court proceedings.  We have reason to believe that anything except sober and attentive silence and is likely to interpreted as disrespect for the court.
  • NEVER talk to a juror (or member of the jury pool before the jury is chosen) under any circumstance. If you find yourself on the sidewalk or in a restaurant or in the bathroom with a juror, you can smile and nod, but please refrain from conversation.
  • NEVER PHOTOGRAPH A JUROR (this includes members of the jury pool before the jury is chosen).
  • NO GOING IN AND OUT OF THE COURTROOM: We understand that this is not only disallowed, but will be taken as a sign of disrespect. If you must leave, please slip out quietly, and wait until a break to come back in.
  • No weapons - even tiny pocket knives will be turned away by the detectors at the courthouse entrance.
  • No hats in the courtroom - Even women, in most jurisdictions, the bailiff will ask you to remove your hat.

We know it’s a lot. But if this could help, it’s really worth it.

Thank you. Please reach out to Nicky Bradford at [email protected] if you have questions.

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  • Nancy Beaulieu
    commented 2018-10-07 09:45:00 -0700
    When and where is court?

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