A note from Michael on Earth Day

To open myself to *accept* all things would mean not only accepting that we have failed to address this life and death crisis for thirty years ...that would be relatively easy…

No, to open myself to *accept* all things is opening myself to the complicit participation torturing children, refugees, burning, flooding, starving brothers, sisters, and every voiceless sentient being who might come after me into extinction, that I might make more money to burn fuel, to put more empty food on my table, for only a little while longer ...while the industrial calories last.

No human in history has ever knowingly done that. We live at a very special moment where we know what we do and might yet choose to be good again, if only we stop ourselves in time from committing everything after to misery.

How could I open myself to consciously do that to everything I love? Are their lives worth any less than mine and yours?

Should I knowingly become the first person of faith who knowingly chooses to destroy all the Creator's miraculous handiwork, in His Name, until kingdom come? Is my truck exhaust my worship, my prayer? 

What Hindu chooses to wipe out all complex life forms for millions of years while contemplating reincarnation?

Who among us envisions the Buddha sitting underneath the tree idle, enlightened to his car idling, igniting fuel which burns forests forever?

Like father Abraham prepared to kill his own son Isaac in sacrifice to the Almighty, to prove his faith: Is this our test? To prove whether we love the Almighty oil, gas, and coal, more than our own family tree?

Reading the law, shall we cut off our hand that pumped, cut, burned, and bulldozed two out of three living creatures from the face of the Earth since I was a boy? Or shall we cut off the one-third who survived?

O Spirit of Life, stop my hand today,

while Life and Beauty remain for a moment,

let me rest from my labor long enough

to let life return to a new Earth

Whether I live to see grasslands glaciers and forests’ recovery, it is enough to know it shall be done.

Stop my hand that life may live another seven generations in green and blue and love.

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