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Last month in an interview with the New York Times you described the latest climate science as “terrifying.”  You made this observation while on vacation in Hawaii, where the Times reported that you spent a lot of time swimming. It may have been difficult to fully let go and relax, knowing that the fine beaches of your beautiful home state on which you were lying will shortly be submerged as the ice shelves in Antarctica and Greenland speed toward collapse.

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LIVE: Activists in North Dakota are shutting Transcanada's tar sands pipelines #ShutItDown #NoDAPL


I’m turning off #keystone pipeline, 59,0000 barrels per day canadian tar sands #nodalp #5k4sr #shutitdown

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LIVE: Activists in Minnesota are shutting Enbridge's tar sands pipelines #ShutItDown #NoDAPL

“For years we’ve tried the legal, incremental, reasonable methods, and they haven’t been enough; without a radical shift in our relationship to Earth, all that we love will disappear. My fear of that possibility is far greater than my fear of jail. My love for the beauties of this world is far greater than my love of an easy life." - Emily Johnston, 50

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